What Causes Hypertension and How It Can Be Cured

Nowadays, people are focused more on their work then health. A lot of mental pressure makes them mentally weak and due to this mental sickness, they become patient of hypertension. The main reason for hypertension is mental stress, unhealthy diet and lack of physical exercise.

Hypertension basically happens when blood pressure increases to some high levels. High BP will impact on your brain, heart, eyes, and kidney. Canada Drugs Direct provides you a secure platform to buy medicine online. This disease is more dangerous because there is very few and no symptoms associated with it. It is a chronic condition that is bifurcate in two forms that are primary and secondary.

Here, in this article, we define the main causes of high blood pressure and how you can protect yourself from this disease.

Main Causes Of Hypertension:

As we discussed earlier, there is no fixed causes and symptoms of high blood pressure. But, few things can initiate it.

  • Lack of Exercise: It is a universal truth that a healthy body requires proper and regular physical activities. You can keep yourself fit and fine by including normal physical exercise and yoga in your daily routine. Exercise can make you physical as well as mentally strong.
  • Overweight and Obese: Overweight is the main reason for a lot of diseases nowadays. The main reason for obesity is unhealthy diet such as fast and oily food. Overweight proved to be the main reason for high blood pressure. So, maintain a healthy weight and cure yourself of such chronic disease.
  • Stress: Stress is basically a mental sickness that is the main cause of hypertension. Your mental health effect the flow of blood in the blood vessels and this lead to high BP. So, be happy and keep your mind stress free.
  • More Alcohol Consumption: As we all know that more consumption of alcohol will impact on your kidney and an effective kidney causes hypertension. So, minimize alcohol consumption as soon as possible.
  • Genetics: A person is more prone to hypertension if is hereditary means it is in their genes. You can protect yourself from it by taking proper care of yourself at the right time.

Now, it’s time to discuss the main ways by which you can cure yourself of this chronic disease.

  • The foremost way to cure hypertension is regular exercise. Regular physical activity can lower your blood pressure and you are in safe mode.
  • The second way is to adopt a healthy diet. Eat a diet that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals rather than oil. Add fruits and gains in your diet as more as possible.
  • You can get rid of high BP by reducing your weight. Heavyweight disrupted your breathing that raises your blood pressure. Proper weight is an effective way to cure high BP.
  • You can control your blood flow by reducing your stress level. Know the reason for your stress and eliminate it in time.

These are the main causes and curable tips for high blood pressure. So, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and routine medical check up can keep you safe from a lot of health ailments.

Cost Of MRI Pelvis in Bangalore: 101 of MRI in the Human Pelvic Area

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is slightly different from other scanning that is conducted on the human body. Scanning on the human body is conducted due to a varied range of reasons. Starting from infections, cysts, unwanted growth of cells, stages of malignancy,bleeding, tumours, swelling, as well as infections, MRI scan are suggested for a variety of reasons. On top of that, not only the human body, MRI scanning is also conducted on the human brain, todetermine developmental and structural abnormalities, problems with the blood vessels, and damages caused due to external injury or stroke.

As we have brought up the reasons above of conducting an MRI scan, this article would cater to the intricacies and the various aspects related to this imaging process in the lower abdominal area of pelvic.

Preparation for MRI pelvic scan

There are no special precautions to be taken for pelvic MRI scan. However, if you are wearing something made of metal, inform the doctor about that beforehand. Remove all the metal installs inside your body with the help of the technician before you lie down on the bed and go inside the scanner. By metal we mean to say eyeglasses, jewellery, teeth covers, pacemakers, screws and pins, artificial limbs, plates etc. the MRI scanning machine is high on magnetic waves, which can cause serious damage if not removed beforehand.

With this, the patients who are going inside the MRI scanning machine are sometimes attached with short wires and radioactive plates. These devices help the MRI scanner to read the magnetic waves and process the image according to that. An MRI test produces hundreds of images with each scanning for the doctors to estimate the exact location of abnormalities.

Often patients are injected with a certain MRI- active dye through their veins if there is a need of detecting close down of vessels. As we are talking about pelvic MRI scan, women are often suggested a MRI to see if there are any damage in their fallopian tube and ovary. These are necessary steps to cure infertility among women. However, for treating infertility with MRI, the dye is pushed through the vaginal opening.

As MRI scan sound might come as disturbing to some patients, clinics often provide a headphone or earplug to bear the 30 minutes session.

Risks of a pelvic MRI scan

There are no such risks associated with MRI pelvic scan. The only risk being metal implants inside the body that should never go inside the scanner. As MRI scanning process do not use radioactive rays, the magnetic wave can cause damages if come in contact with any metal implants inside the human body.

So if you have pacemaker, artificial joints, root canal, screws and pins due to surgery, ensure the doctor knows it all.

Apart from these, if you are breastfeeding mother, and has gone through a MRI scan using the dye, it is always suggested not to milk your baby up to 48 hours. Some people who are scanned using the contrast dye named gadolinium, gets slight irritation due to the dye.

People with claustrophobia might find it difficult to be inside the MRI scanner for long time. To lessen their discomdfort, doctors provide with anti- anxiety medication. While these are not risk, and can be cured with mild medication, one should know the adverse effects, even if it’s a minimum before going for an MRI scan.

Procedure of pelvic MRI scan

Pelvic MRI scan is no different than any other scans conducted using magnetic rays. The only difference lies in the area that is under focus while the patient is still inside the scanner. As we said earlier, despite removal of metal devices and implants inside the body there are no such previous procedures to follow by the patients for a successful scanning.

Sometimes an empty stomach is required to scan, especially if lower abdominal and pelvic areas are getting tested. Women might need to be in their full bladder for getting tested, depending on the purpose of the scan. Doctors prescribe the necessary methods for that. TheMRI contrasting dyes often takes time to circulate through the veins. The patients are asked to wait for some time for that too.

Cost of pelvic MRI scan

In Bangalore, there are several clinics and hospitals that offer MRI scan to the patients. Depending on the area you are getting tested. Ranging from 3000/- to 30,000/-, the cost of MRI pelvis in Bangalore is so much.

Post- pelvic MRI scan steps

Unless the doctor has suggested taking rest for an hour or so, patients can go back to their home once the test is complete. If you are woman treating your gynaecological and issues in the reproduction system through MRI, you are usually suggested to stay back at the hospital for some time. Also,if you are the one who had sedative before the scan, you need to wait before going home after the test.

MRI scan results usually come out within a week or so; and doctors schedule the further treatment processes according to that. MRI scan of pelvic areas may require some further examination. Doctors inform that after explaining the images to the patient. If you have tumours, cysts, or a malignant growth that should not be there and be operated immediately, procedures are scheduled as per the necessarycondition.

Drawing the conclusion

MRI scans are not a very difficult process for the patients to go through. One can simply lie on the bed and get him tested. The only discomfort is the sound inside the scanner, which is also taken care of by the technician by providing a pair of earplug to the patients. MRI of pelvic area is usually a 30- 45 minutes long process. MRI scan plays an significant role in detecting and curing endometrial and cervical carcinoma, pelvic pain and of fetal anatomy, and stages of malignancy, if any.

Few Skin Benefits from Hemp Seed Oil

There are a lot of skin benefits that can be had when you make the decision to use hemp oil for your skin. These benefits can have a great number of benefits if you are really serious about using this to help clear up your skin, then you will generally want to make sure that you read the rest of this article and see some of the issues that this can be used to treat and give you the skin that you are really aiming for.

While there are still a lot of studies that need to be done, there is enough research that has been done that gives a lot of people hope that they can get the skin that they are really hoping for.

Plump up that skin

One thing that hemp oil does is that it plumps up old skin that is tired and needs to be revitalized. This can give you that glow that your skin has lost over time due to age, sun exposure, and just environmental exposure. A little of this applied directly to your skin or mixed up to make a cream will be ideal in helping you to get the skin that you have been aiming for all your life. This is one of the reasons that you see so many new creams that are hitting the market on a yearly basis.

Moisturizes & Revitalizes

This helps to give your skin moisture that will last for a long time. Many of the makers of these have earned that these benefits are one of the biggest improvements that a person will see with their skin.

As we get older, we tend to lose a lot of the moisture that was once held in our skin. As a result, this leads to us not having the same great radiant looking skin that we once had. In the use of this, you will almost immediately notice a difference. This is one of the biggest hemp oil benefits for skin benefits that you will notice almost immediately. This is why the skincare industry is scared of these products hitting the market as they are cheaper and work better than the more high priced products.

Has Calming Properties

Hemp oil will be great in helping to calm your skin on a regular basis. This has been seen in a large number of studies. More and more people are seeing this in their skin as the use of skin care products containing hemp oil are becoming more and more popular on a regular basis.

More To Gain

As you can see there are a lot of hemp oil benefits for the skin. This is one of the biggest industries that the use of hemp oil is becoming more and more popular on a regular basis. As the years go on and the studies are done, there will be a bigger number of products that will hit the market. It is no wonder that this has become such a popular way to use hemp oil to better a person’s life on a regular basis.

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How to reduce blood sugar level

The blood sugar of a person either exceeds or goes down at some instances even though he or she takes every possible step (proper diet plan and workout) to manage the blood sugar levels as per the advice was given by the doctor. Whether you experience too low or too high blood sugar, you become sick. Because of this, you have to know various ways to deal with the mentioned emergencies.

What are Normal, High and Low Blood Sugar Levels

Normal Blood Sugar

If your blood sugar level remains between 70 and 130 before having any meal and remains within 180 after any meal, doctors consider it a normal blood sugar.

Key Aspects on High Blood Sugar

When your blood sugar exceeds 240, it becomes excessively high. High blood sugar often takes place at a slow pace and it takes place when your body fails to produce or possess enough insulin in the body. High blood sugar takes place  in case you skip your diabetic medicine, overeat and do not perform enough physical exercise. Besides this, your blood sugar level becomes high when you intake medicines intend to cause you high blood sugar.

Other than this, your blood sugar level exceeds if you suffer from any infection, stay under stress or fall sick. Because of this, it is important for you to go for a blood test on a regular basis and intake diabetes pills, insulin to manage your condition. On the other side, in case your blood sugar level becomes more than 300, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Key Aspects on Low Blood Sugar

In case your blood sugar becomes too low, you may suffer from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar reaction and it takes place on a fast pace. This takes place due to excessive insulin intake, skipping or delaying any meal, involving in an excessive workout or too much alcohol intake. Similar to the case of high blood sugar, medicines you intake for any other health issue may cause a drop in your blood sugar.

Medicines to Control Your Blood Sugar

In most of the cases, doctors recommend insulin in oral or injection form to bring back your blood sugar to normal levels. Several medicines are also available which help to reduce your blood sugar levels. However, in some cases, merely insulin intake is not enough. Because of this, you have to intake other medicines, which include-

  • Alpha-glucosidase Inhibitors medicines, which help various starchy food items as well as table sugar in your body and thereby, reduces your blood sugar levels.
  • Biguanides reduce the production of sugar by your liver and the sugar amount to absorb by your intestine. In this way, your body becomes highly sensitive towards insulin and your muscles absorb the glucose.
  • DPP-4 inhibitors help your body in continuing with the insulin production. These work by simply reducing the blood sugar level in your body but without causing low blood sugar.
  • Glucagon peptides are responsible for increasing the growth of B-cell and the level of insulin used by your body.

Natural Ways to Control Blood Sugar

  1. Reduce Your Carb Intake and Increase Fiber Intake

The body of a person breaks down carbohydrate into glucose/sugar and later on, insulin moves it into cells. However, when you intake carbohydrate in higher amount or deal with insulin malfunction, the process fails leads to an increase in your glucose levels. On the other side, fiber reduces your carbohydrate digestion and thereby, promotes in controlling your blood sugar to its normal level. For this, you have to intake following food items in your daily diet.

  • Pumpernickel Whole Wheat Bread

Unlike white bread, Pumpernickel Whole Wheat Bread or simply whole wheat bread comes with low GI score, as the ingredients present in these types of bread undergo relatively less processing as compared to others. Because of less processing, the bread retains its fibrous outer shell and stabilizes your blood sugar level.

  • Fruits

Most of the fruits come with low GI score to make them preferable among diabetic patients.

  • Oat Bran and Oatmeal

Oat bran and oatmeal not only possess GI within 55, but they also incorporate B-glucans to reduce the glucose level and enhance your sensitivity to insulin.

  1. Hydration

Drinking water in enough amounts helps you to maintain your blood sugar levels within its healthy limits. Moreover, hydration helps your kidneys in flushing out the excessive blood sugar via urine.

  1. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise helps you reduce your body weight and boosts your sensitivity towards insulin. Indeed, increase in insulin sensitivity results in optimum usage of blood sugar present in the bloodstream.

Is it safe to consuming Eggs while pregnant?

Pregnancy nutrition focuses on eating safe and healthy, which means choosing foods from all food groups and keeping remind the right number of calories daily. Eating eggs every day can have some benefits during pregnancy, as eggs are a source of incredible nutrients which make them a super food. Eggs possess necessary nutrients, which are all very essential for pregnant women, in the form of fats, minerals, protein, vitamins A and D.

Benefits of having eggs during pregnancy

Here are some of the health benefits of eating eggs when pregnant:

Rich in Proteins- Eggs contain the right amount of proteins that are essential for the developingfoetus. Every cell of thegrowing foetus is made up of protein.

Brain Development- Eggs contain Omega 3 fatty acids and choline, which are essential for brain development and overall growth. It also prevents the neural tube defects in a baby.

Regulates Cholesterol- If mother’s blood cholesterol levels are normal, she can consume one or two eggs a day for balancing saturated fat levels in the body. If it is too high, then should avoid taking egg yolk during pregnancy.

Calories- Eggs contain about 70 calories, which help to meet some fraction of the daily calorie requirement for pregnant women. An expectant should ideally consume 200 to 300 calories every day for nourishing her body and baby’s as well.

Cooking Egg for Pregnant Women

Cooking eggs during pregnancy is pretty much same as when one is not pregnant. But the idea here is to ensure that the salmonella bacteria is killed in the cooking process. In order to cook an egg and boil it for about for five to seven minutes or can also fry the egg on both sides till the white is no longer translucent and yolk should become completely solid. One should take special precaution while eating outside an egg salad and pregnancy is concern.

Risks of Eating Eggs during Pregnancy

Egg is a rich source of nutrients to the pregnant women, but it also has some risks associated with it especially if not consumed correctly

  1. Salmonella Poisoning– Raw, uncooked eggs can cause disease hosted bySalmonellabacteria. This bacteria can cause food poisoning which may lead to vomitingdiarrhoea, high fever, headache, abdominal pain and dehydration as well. In some cases, these symptoms can bring serious condition to cause preterm labour or even miscarriage.
  2. Other Risks– Having egg yolk can also lead to difficulties in case of pregnant woman who already has high cholesterol levels. Consumption of eggs can also cause allergies like skin rashes, nasal congestion and so on.

To Avoid Bacterial Infections

  • Handle the eggs with clean hands
  • Not to splash raw egg over other utensils or food items.
  • Use clean utensils
  • Clean the utensils, surroundings of kitchen thoroughly with warm and soapy water after completion of cooking.

Hard boiled egg and pregnancy

The number of eggs to be consumed daily should be based on the cholesterol content in the remainder of expectant’sdiet. The consumption of egg yolk should be limited in a month. Most doctors recommend that expectant women stick to only consuming egg whites.

Water softeners bring out additional calcium particles out from water

Water softeners take out additional calcium and magnesium particles utilizing a trade with sodium or potassium particles. When this trade happens, the water conditioner will recover and flush the arrangement of abundance particles until the point when it has revived them with new sodium particles. When all is said in done, by keeping the development of scale, water conditioners can expand the life of your water warmer. In the event that you have scale, you likely have hard water. Mineral stores can frame on tea pots and espresso pots and they can likewise develop inside the channels. This stops up pipes so much that your home is in reality less powerful at going water through the funnels. The result of hard water is scale development and damaged pipes. Best water softeners shower head can be found online.

  • Hard water can really cause bothersome dry skin and hair on the grounds that there’s so much additional calcium and magnesium salts skimming around in your water. Cleanser and cleanser can just keep this to such an extent. What happens is that water on your skin doesn’t sustain it. Minerals in water settle on your skin and cleanser that doesn’t break down well in hard water can’t expel them. This leaves a buildup on skin that disturbs it and makes it feel dry and harsh. Hard water squares pores and causes more irritation and zits. It additionally makes your skin rugged and dry, while discoloring it the manner in which that glass without being washed will discolor in the dishwasher.
  • Seeing that your garments and bed sheets now look blurred is an indication of hard water. They may feel scratchy and be difficult to wash on the grounds that there is so much additional mineral substance contained in your water. One thing you can do to decrease the grayness that originates from having hard water is to get a front loader clothes washer with fluid cleanser. At last, the most ideal approach to dispose of this dim mineral quality in your clothing is to get the best water conditioner.
  • Any stains abandoned from mineral buildup are an indication of hard water. These stains shape when tap water vanishes, deserting calcium and magnesium. In the event that you have seen mortar like stores in the bath and on the fixtures, there are approaches to expel them. Utilize a smidgen of vinegar and wipe around the base. Pouring in a measure of fade and a half glass powdered dishwasher cleanser will likewise expel these mineral stores readily. Nonetheless, a potassium chloride water conditioner will be best at for all time evacuating stains and keeping them gone for good. One can get a water testing pack to decide how much mineral abundance is in your water supply. The present entrepreneur framework is broken. Get refreshes on our advancement toward building a more attractive world. Shower stick water softener has many advantages which is great.

Precautions you need to take care during the first trimester of pregnancy

Pregnancy does appear to be a life changing experience. In case if you have just become pregnant you need to be aware of the dos and don’ts of pregnancy. Some may suggest that medicines for infections in pregnancy might provide you relief, but check with your doctor about medications for infection in pregnancy before you arrive at a final decision. The first phase of your pregnancy which is the first trimester of pregnancy works out to be a really important phase. You need to be a lot careful and follow certain guidelines as far as the growth along with development of your baby is concerned. Let us now observe some of the precautions that you need to keep away during the first trimester of your pregnancy


If you have been into smoking for a considerable period of time, it is high time that you put an end to it.

  • Smoking is going to pose a wide range of health conditions, and it could threaten your life
  • During pregnancy smoking may go on to pose several risks and leads to infections, low birth weight baby along with a host of developmental issues when you are pregnant.
  • If you smoke during pregnancy it could lead to sudden infant syndrome

Caffeine and alcohol intake

Pretty much like smoking, consumption of caffeine and alcohol is a strict no during the phase of pregnancy.

  • If you consume alcohol when you are pregnant, it slows down the growth of the foetus. It also gives way to a host of learning disabilities
  • If caffeine consumption is on the higher side, it could lead to premature birth with an increase in birth defects


Sauna and hot tubs need to be avoided during the first three months of pregnancy.

  • The reason being that these activities are going to force you to stay in an environment that is higher than the normal body temperature
  • It can create problems with the normal growth along with development of the foetus.


Herbs and medicines

In case if you have been using certain herbs or medicines, for a particular health condition then you might have to consider a host of health alternatives to choose from.

  • You need to inform the doctor immediately so that the doctor can prescribe the best medicines that is safe for the developing baby
  • There are various treatments like X rays that go on to harm the developing fetus.


There are sources of healthy fats and proteins which are of utmost importance when you are pregnant. But what is not known is that a lot of fish goes on to contain a major portion of mercury along with toxic chemicals that poses a lot of harm for the developing baby.

  • Do not consume fish in the first trimester of your pregnancy
  • If you are really inclined choose salmon, tauna or light varieties mainly the canned variety during the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Before eating check on the same.