Help is at hand thanks to new transport app

The Trans-Help Foundation, with support from Iveco Trucks Australia, has released a mobile app designed to boost workplace health and safety for transport drivers while on the road.

The app was launched at the Brisbane Truck Show and has a number of health and safety features, including useful traffic notifications and re-routing options. The app, which can be accessed on most smartphones and tablets, also gives users a direct connection to Trans-Help Foundation support services. Trans-Help is dedicated to helping transport personnel

The latest in transport apps, the features include video functionality which will allow users to access face-to-face counselling and other support services. Workplace health for transport drivers is specifically targeted, and users can make fast contact with medical professionals in the ‘GP2U’ component of the app.

Trans-Help Foundation CEO, Dianne Carroll, said feedback on the app has been highly positive.

“The app has been well received and we know it’s going to be a valuable addition to the work that Trans-Help undertakes with transport personnel and their families,” Dianne said.

“Even if it’s not regularly used, I encourage drivers and others in the industry to download the free app and have it on hand, just in case they do ever need support.”

The Trans-Help Foundation is the only national charity dedicated to supporting transport sector workers and their families. They operate a 24/7 support line and send out mobile health units in partnership with Iveco Trucks Australia. They are sponsored by BP, which allows them maximum national reach without the burden of diesel costs.

“As well as undertaking the health checks, the vans are used to visit clients following an accident to provide counselling and support to the driver,” Dianne added.

“Often a truck driver will be the first person at a scene of a dangerous accident and are obviously affected by the road trauma they experience. Our strong relationship with companies such as Iveco allows us to keep doing important work for the industry.”